Welcome to No Sweat Shakespeare, the home of modern Shakespeare ebooksShakespeare quotesShakespeare sonnetsShakespeare resources and Shakespeare facts, as well as our Shakespeare blog, giving a light-hearted look at the Bard.

Our aim is to help students of all ages understand Shakespeare’s language. From translating full Shakespeare plays and short quotes and phrases into modern English, to providing in-depth articles on Shakespeare’s life and times and Shakespeare essays, we’re here to help make Shakespeare easy and accessible.


Take a browse through the No Sweat Shakespeare website using the navigation options at the top and right hand side of each page, or click the quick links below to take you to a specific article on Shakespeare:

Shakespeare Basics: Brush up on some Shakespeare factsread William Shakespeare’s biography, see Shakespeare’s life and work in a timeline or swot up on Elizabethan theatre and drama.

Play Overviews: Read short plot summaries of Shakespeare’s plays, details of Shakespeare ‘s characters per play, and see where all Shakespeare’s plays are set on this nifty google map. Or read our roundup of Shakespeare translator websites.

Shakespeare Quotes: Check out Shakespeare quotes with their modern day translations – from “to be or not to be” to Shakespeare’s best love quotes.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Trouble understanding a sonnet? Read overviews of Shakespeare’s sonnets next to the original.

Shakespeare Ebooks: Shakespeare’s plays as easy ebooks in modern English.

Shakespeare for Kids: Shakespeare for kids – resources aimed at 8-12 year olds.

Shakespeare’s Plays: Read overviews and resources on each of Shakespeare’s plays, or examine Shakespeare’s play types

The Globe Theatre: Everything you wanted to know about Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare’s Picture: What did Shakespeare look like? Check out a few pictures and portraits.

Shakespearean Insults: Try insulting someone in Elizabethan English with this list of Shakespeare insults.

Shakespeare’s Family: Brush up on Shakespeare’s family, and Anne Hathaway – Shakespeare’s wife.

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