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Shakespeare Baby Names For Girls

Looking for some inspiration from Shakespeare for baby names for girls? Shakespeare used 75 women’s names in his 35 plays, naming kings, jesters, heroes and warriors…so something for every personality type! Read the full list of Shakespeare baby names for girls below: Adrian – (Coriolanus, The Tempest) Adriana – (The Comedy of Errors) Albany – (King Lear) […]

Shakespeare Baby Names For Boys

Looking for some inspiration from Shakespeare for baby names for boys? Shakespeare used 125 men’s names in his 35 plays, naming kings, jesters, heroes and warriors…so something for every personality type! Read the full list of Shakespeare baby names for boys below: Aaron – (Titus Andronicus) Abram – (Romeo and Juliet) Achilles – (Troilus and Cressida) […]

Oscar Pistorius: A Shakespearean Hero?

The latest image of the great athlete Oscar Pistorius is the one presented to South African Pretoria High Court of the hero drenched in blood after the killing of his girlfriend. There is no concept in South African law of ‘sub judice,’ meaning that a case in progress cannot be discussed in public for fear […]

The 2014 Oscars & Shakespeare

With the 2014 Academy Awards just around the corner we’ve taken a look at the Shakespeare connection to this year’s Oscar nominees. And as with most years, the connections between Hollywood’s top awards ceremony and the Bard of Avon are strong, with no less than 11 Hollywood A-listers have previous with Shakespeare on screen or […]

Sam Wanamaker – A Shakespearean Hero

In London Shakespeare circles there is a name almost as famous as that of William Shakespeare. It is that of Sam Wanamaker, an American actor whose vision almost matched Shakespeare’s. A new acting space has just opened in the Shakespeare Globe complex and has been named ‘The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.’ Near to the Globe on […]

“What Is Love?” Shakespeare’s Take On Love: Sonnet 116

What is love? Philosophers down the centuries and millennia have frequently asked the question.  There are plenty of examples of great quotes on love from Shakespeare’s works, but his definitive response to the ‘what is love’ question is as deep and profound as any philosopher’s could be, expressed in the most beautiful language. Sonnet 116 is a full […]

Shakespeare’s Christmas Play: Twelfth Night

This post discusses Elizabethan play naming conventions…and Shakespeare’s Christmas play, Twelfth Night. The Elizabethan and Jacobean playwrights, in heavy competition with each other, and pressurized by the need to fill the theatres, wrote fast so that new plays would be coming off the assembly line in quick succession. As people walked past the theatres they encountered posters with […]

Why Is The ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ Speech So Memorable?

If you were asked to quote something from Shakespeare – just a short line or phrase – what would you quote? As you’re reading this article on a Shakespeare website you obviously have an interest in Shakespeare,  so might give any quote: your favorite line, perhaps, something beautiful evoking a mental picture or a smell, something […]

Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre: Remains Found

Romeo and Juliet and Henry V were first performed in the late 16th century at Shakespeare’s ‘The Curtain’ theatre, an Elizabethan theatre in Shoreditch. After disappearing from historical records in 1622 archaeologists discovered the remains of the Curtain theatre behind a pub in Shoreditch in 2012! There are now plans afoot to restore it to it’s […]