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Shakespeare for Better English?

The Pros and Cons of Using the Bard to Better Your Language Skills Shakespeare is regarded as one of the most well known writers in history. His words resonate with everyone from teenagers reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream to lifetime fans who see his work performed on-stage in London. His quotes are among the most […]

What Are “The Seven Ages Of Man”?

What are “the seven ages of man”? Shakespeare listed seven ages a man goes through in his life: Infancy Schoolboy Teenager Young Man Middle Ages Old Man Second Childhood Here are the seven ages of man in picture-form: Read more about the seven ages of man >>

How Many Plays Did Shakespeare Write?

How many plays did Shakespeare write? Good question, and a simple on you might think, but the truth is it’s a question with no certain answer! Here’s why: There are 37 plays Shakespeare definitely wrote At least 1 ‘lost’ play (a play found after Shakespeare’s death that’s been attributed to him, e.g. Cardenio) Potentially 1 or […]

When Was Shakespeare Born?

When was Shakespeare born? Nobody knows for certain when Shakespeare was born, but it was certainly April 1564, and very likely 23rd April 1564. We know this because at that time it was common to baptise a child when they were 3 days old, and the record for Shakespeare’s parish church in Stratford, UK shows his baptism […]

Who Is Shakespeare?

NoSweatShakespeare is a website dedicated to Shakespeare, and from time to time we get people asking us “who is Shakespeare?” So, this blog post is dedicated to answering that question (or read our full Shakespeare biography) William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was a Renaissance writer who can be classified both as an Elizabethan and a Jacobean writer, […]

Where Was Shakespeare Born?

Where was Shakespeare born? Shakespeare was born in the parish of Holy Trinity in Stratford Upon Avon in England. As was the norm for that time Shakespeare would likely have been a home-birth.   Read more interesting facts about Shakesepare!

Let The Shakespeare World Cup Commence!

Much like a Shakespeare festival the World Cup –  starting today – promises to bring a month of international angst and drama. So big thanks to Mya @ GoodTickleBrain.com for coming up with this genius Shakespeare World Cup concept. She’s selected 32 Shakespeare plays to stand in for the 32 international teams competing in the World […]

William Shakespeare Day

There is a campaign afoot in the UK to introduce a Shakespeare Day into the calendar. Some campaigners go as far as to suggest an annual holiday. It’s a great idea to have a Shakespeare Day. But a holiday? That surely couldn’t happen in the UK where the holiday calendar is fixed, and no holidays are named after people […]