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Shakespeare’s “Real” Ophelia Finally Revealed?

  Has Shakespeare’s inspiration for Ophelia – one of literature’s most tragic heroines – finally come to light? A 1569 coroners report published in The Guardian tantalizing suggests maybe so. In 1569 – when Shakespeare was five years old – a small girl named Jane Shaxspere was reported as slipping and drowning whilst collecting flowers […]

Shakespeare’s Wardrobe Issues

When we go to the theatre we expect the costumes to be appropriate to the period in which the play is set, and the different characters will wear costumes that express their individual status of class, nationality and so on. But in Shakespeare’s time there were certain difficulties regarding theatrical costumes that we don’t encounter […]

Forensics to Finally Uncover the Face of Shakespeare?

An article on the NoSweatShakespeare  site outlines the various claims of the portraits that vie for the distinction of being representations of Shakespeare. Just as with Jesus, we all have a mental image of Shakespeare. Although we know that Jesus didn’t look like the conventional  pictures of him, with blue eyes, very light skin and […]

Shakespeare and Electronic Technology

An interesting challenge to readers may be to ask them to think of any life situation that Shakespeare didn’t write about. There are so many things in modern life that haven’t changed since his time: we still have wars and dictatorships, colonial oppression, slavery, military coups, and religious persecution. We have what seems to be […]

The Curse of Macbeth

If you’re ever going to be involved in a production of Macbeth you should be very careful, and take precautions. Remember, you’ve been warned. There’s a curse on performances of the play. The first thing you should never do is mention the play’s title in the theatre. You should always refer to it as ‘The […]

Why is ‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’ such a famous soliloquy?

In the rush of modern life there is little time for reflection but it’s sometimes relaxing to pause occasionally to reflect on some single instances of Shakespeare’s genius. Here is a short soliloquy from Macbeth worthy of attention. To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last […]

Shakespeare and the King James Bible

In the year in which the English speaking world is celebrating the four hundredth year of the King James Authorised bible it’s interesting to reflect on what a period 1604, when the work started, to 1611, when it was published, was in England. It’s almost impossible for us to imagine seven years of such literary […]

Social Control & Clothing Laws in Shakespeare’s Time

It’s interesting to reflect on why societies make laws and how the laws they make reflect the values of the time. The English have always loved making laws and the concept of a body of laws that protects individuals’ rights as well as providing a framework for punishing  transgressors is one of the things the […]

Shakespeare the Time Traveler

What would Shakespeare make of our modern world? If he were suddenly to appear in London as a time traveler to the future he would find himself in the middle of a street crowd. The London of his time had a population of about twenty thousand but here he would see that number of people […]

Shakespeare The Travelling Marathon Man

It’s quite common for Londoners to attend the theatre in Stratford upon Avon and also, most Americans visiting London make the journey to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It’s a hundred and two miles, an easy trip that takes about two hours. You just drive straight up the M40. Or you could go by train, about […]

Shakespeare The Teenage Lover

Writers often use their own lives as a resource for their creative work. Some take events in their lives to build their fictional scenes: others relive the emotions of things that happen to them and build entirely new events around those emotions. Scholars have tried to match Shakespeare’s work to his life. In the case […]

Do you know more than Shakespeare?

What would Shakespeare have thought about the things that we take for granted and which he never dreamt of? We all jump in a car at least once a day; we get on a plane and travel at incredible speed from once country to another; we push a button and watch wars being fought thousands […]