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Mozart, Shakespeare and Quentin Tarantino

Emotions around the current, revived debate about the Shakespeare authorship are raging.  Shakespeare scholars are ‘infuriated,’ ‘outraged,’ ‘angry’ about the implications of the film Anonymous, that de Vere wrote the plays and that Shakespeare was just a country bumpkin, turned actor, used as a cover by de Vere. If I were capable of any emotions […]

How Shakespeare Became Hooked on Theatre

William Shakespeare was nine years old when the first theatre in England was opened. The idea of a dedicated building for the performance of plays was conceived as late as 1576, when James Burbage, the father of Shakespeare’s future acting colleague, Richard Burbage, built a theatre in Shoreditch, London, which he called ‘The Theatre.’ These […]

Shakespeare’s Characters Let Loose on Craigslist

Caroline Biocks & Michelle Ephraim have really outdone themselves with the latest installment of McSweeny’s daily humour website – a Shakespearean parody of Craigslist. Specifically, what would Shakespeare’s characters sell, rent , buy or give away? There are some real classics on here that work on every level (in fact there are some that are way over […]

Can a Monkey Write Better Plays Than Shakespeare?

All over the news the last week is Jesse Anderson, a software developer in Reno, Nevada, who’s created a computer program  that will type letters at a very fast rate. He claims that, in time, those random letters will type the complete works of Shakespeare accurately, word for word, and that, in fact, his program […]

Is This The Author Of Shakespeare Which I See Before Me?

I wouldn’t go as far as to equate those who deny Shakespeare as the author of the Shakespeare plays with holocaust deniers, but both categories beggar belief. There is no doubt about either –the Nazi genocide of the Jews and the fact that William Shakespeare wrote the plays. The film Anonymous, which has just been […]

Shakespeare and the Absurd

‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ is one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines. It refers to the political and sexual corruption that surrounds Hamlet at the court of Elsinore. Humourist blogger Marc C Miller tells us that he’s found Shakespeare’s source for that – an old sardine dumping ground near the castle. He […]

Shakespeare in Translation

London 2012 is going to be big. As part of the celebrations there is to be Cultural Olympiad’s London 2012 festival  and a major component of that will be a huge, international Shakespeare festival. We always talk about Shakespeare’s relevance in the modern world – Shakespeare for every generation, usually referring to the English speaking […]

Shakespeare – The Smutty Translations

When I was at school, a long long time ago, an all boys’ school, we had a lot of fun in English by nudging each other and giggling behind our books whenever a word or phrase appeared that suggested anything sexual at all.   Things like ‘He tossed and turned all night’ and ‘the soldiers […]

Things We Say Today Which We Owe To Shakespeare

Looking something like a serial killers’ notebook, a 20-year-old London girl’s Shakespeare-related scribbles have gone viral this week. Simply writing a bunch of words and phrases Shakespeare invented (admittedly in a somewhat unique font!) in her Moleskine notebook at 3am, taking a photo of it and posting it on Tumblr has got tongues wagging all over the world. We […]

Our Big Brother William Shakespeare

One question that will never be on any quizmaster’s list is ‘Who was Shakespeare?’ The reason is that it’s too easy. It’s like the question ‘What is the usual accompaniment in England to deep fried, battered fish?’ If you don’t know the answer then you’ve never been in England. And yet the 2007 winner of […]