See below for a full list of all the characters in The Two Noble Kinsmen:

THESEUS, Duke of Athens

PALAMON, nephew of the King of Thebes
ARCITE, nephew of the King of Thebes
PIRITHOUS, an Athenian general
ARTESIUS, an Athenian captain
VALERIUS, a noble of Thebes
Six Knights
A Herald
A Jailer
Wooer of the jailer’s daughter
A Doctor
Brother of the jailer
Friends of the jailer
A Gentleman
GERROLD, a schoolmaster
HIPPOLYTA, wife of Theseus
Emilia, her sister
Three Queens
Jailer’s Daughter
Emilia’s Servant
Country Wenches and Women personating Hymen, Boy
A Laborer
Countrymen, Messengers
A Man personating Hymen, Boy
Executioners, Guards, Soldiers, Attendants


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