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Teaching Shakespeare to Middle Schoolers in Spring

Guest blog post from English teacher Robert Dale,. “It’s Spring!” My English teacher used to yell, usually at the boys. “The sap is rising!” She would look at us meaningfully, then repeat, “RISING” in a tone of great meaning and portent. Not that we got what she was saying, the boys far too distracted with […]

Deaths In Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Stabbings, beheadings, poisonings, drownings, snakebites, hanging, cannabalism and more – what a collection of gruesome deaths Shakespeare wrote into his tragedy plays! This cool infographic from progressivegeographies.com shows how each of Shakespeare’s characters that dies in the tragedy plays meets their (often grisly) end: Like the above? Check out more fun Shakespeare infographics in Pintrest

Shakespeare & St Valentine

February 14th is a very special day for us in Western culture: St Valentine’s Day -  a day when we pull out all the stops to express our love for the one with whom we’re romantically involved, with flowers, chocolates, special treats and words of love. We often think about Shakespeare at this time, because […]

Shakespeare’s Good For Your Brain: It’s Official!

There was an interesting article in the UK Newspaper, The Mail, last week,  about a research project centered on the reading of literature. The researchers at the University of Liverpool found that the reading of challenging literature, particularly Shakespeare and Wordsworth, has a beneficial effect on the mind, providing a ‘rocket-boost to morale by catching the reader’s […]

10 Shakespearean New Years Resolutions

I was surfing around looking for some inspiration to write a blog post on Shakespeare & New Year when I came across a wonderful piece on Peter Pappas’ tax and Shakespeare-related blog. In it he discusses a whole range of New Years’ resolutions, based on a combination of traditional resolutions a Shakespeare quotes to back […]