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Shakespeare vs. Dr Seuss

We recently stumbled across the rather amusing “Epic Rap Battles of History”. In at number 12 was the Shakespeare vs Dr Seuss battle. For those who aren’t acquanted with battle rapping, it’s a freestyle rapping competition between two or more rappers in front of an audience, with the aim of insulting the other rappers in […]

Shall I Compare Thee…To A Toddler?

There’s nothing wrong with starting on Shakespeare young… but reciting a Shakespeare sonnet word-for-word at the age of two? Check out this little guy reciting Shakespeare’s most famous sonnet – number 18, “Shall I Compare Thee To Summer’s Day?”. Pretty incredible stuff!   What’s the best thing you could recite when you were two years […]

What’s In A Name? “Shakespere” & Top Shop

What’s in a name? Shakespeare by any other name would surely smell as sweet! The big Shakespeare news in the UK yesterday was red faces all round at leading high street retailer Top Shop, when they realised they’d spelled Shakespeare’s name incorrectly on a t-shirt. The women’s fashion item went on sale online and at […]

New Documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon

We just came across this high-quality documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon, made by UK  film production company Alpha Star Productions. The documentary is a walk  through Shakespeare’s life in Stratford - from the house in which he he was born to the church in which he was buried – and explores the life he lived in the […]

Is It Hip Hop Or Shakespeare?

A quick pop quiz for you, do you think the quotes below words are from a hip hop track or Shakespeare play? “To destroy the beauty from which one came” “Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit” “Men would rather use their broken records than their bear hands” “I was not […]

Shakespeare’s Inspiration for Romeo & Juliet?

There are various rumors as to whether Shakespeare suffered from writers block or not. Some sources claim Shakespeare wrote quickly with ease – his contemporary Ben Jonson said “Whatsoever he penned, he never blotted out a line.” However, there is evidence of Shakespeare revising and crossing out his work in one scene he wrote for  Sir Thomas More, a […]

New Years Resolutions for Shakespeare’s Characters

As we open our eyes to 2012 and the new year, custom dictates we make the odd new year’s resolution to try and keep (at least until the end of January!). We at No Sweat Shakespeare are going with the traditional drinking less and exercising more…but what new year’s resolutions do you think Shakespeare’s characters […]

Shakespeare Tube Map

Wow, how did we miss this one first time round? Apparently the Royal Shakespeare Company had this version of the London Underground map made up many years ago, showing one type of Shakespeare characters on each tube line. Take your pick from “warriors”, “strong &  difficult women”, “fools” and more. The RSC point out that “interesting […]

Shakespeare’s Characters Let Loose on Craigslist

Caroline Biocks & Michelle Ephraim have really outdone themselves with the latest installment of McSweeny’s daily humour website – a Shakespearean parody of Craigslist. Specifically, what would Shakespeare’s characters sell, rent , buy or give away? There are some real classics on here that work on every level (in fact there are some that are way over […]