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Reasons We Know Shakespeare Wrote His Plays

The distinguished Shakespearean actor, Dame Janet Suzman has just  published a book entitled Not Hamlet,  about the treatment of women in theatre. One of the chapters addresses the Shakespeare conspiracy theory/authorship debate.  She takes the traditional scholarly view that it was one Master William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon who wrote the plays. In her book Dame Janet […]

Shakespeare’s Ancestry

The only reason we know anything at all about William Shakespeare and his ancestry is because scholars are very interested in him and have made the effort to find out. That is because his writings present a genius who not only had a great gift for story-telling and the ability to connect human emotion to […]

Who Wrote Shakespeare? The Authorship Candidates

The conspirary that Shakespeare didn’t write his plays exists in some circles, which leads to the question who wrote Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets? We address the William Shakespeare authorship controversy here, but thought we’d take a closer look at the candidates who may have written Shakespeare’s plays according to the conspiracy theorists.   Authorship Candidate 1: […]

23 Things You Never Knew About Shakespeare

Though rumors (and conspiracy theories!) abound, not too many concrete facts are known about Shakespeare. We have a page on Shakespeare facts, detailing the bog standard Shakespeare info, but on this page we’ve tried to pull together 23  interesting Shakespeare pieces of Shakespeare information that you’ve probably not come across before – the quirkier side of the Bard […]

How Did Shakespeare Get into Acting?

As I look around at the Shakespeare scene in England at the moment I’m struck by how many young people take to the stage. Actors have flooded in from around the world to participate in the Shakespeare festivities. It’s interesting to reflect on the young man who came to London one day four hundred years […]