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Shakespeare, Star Wars & Iambic Pentameter

Just when you thought you’d seen/heard of all the possible re-inventions of Shakespeare’s stories, along comes another interpretation to blow you away. The other day we got sent an advanced copy of “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope“. That’s right folks, the newest kid on the alternative Shakespeare block is an “officially licensed retelling” […]

Shakespeare’s Words…That Didn’t Catch On

Much has been talked about Shakespeare’s innovation with words – particularly his creation of thousands of words and phrases now in common usage as part of the English language. However, even Shakespeare was capable of the odd stinker…did you know that for all of Shakespeare’s newly invented phrases and words in use, there are plenty […]

Shakespeare: The 21st Century Man

An historian, working with a team of digital artists, has spent three months updating a series of classic portraits to reflect how historical figures might look today.  A fourteen part television series is underway on the UK television channel, Yesterday. Shakespeare is one of the subjects. They’ve used the Cobbe portrait of 1610,  in which […]

Deaths In Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Stabbings, beheadings, poisonings, drownings, snakebites, hanging, cannabalism and more – what a collection of gruesome deaths Shakespeare wrote into his tragedy plays! This cool infographic from progressivegeographies.com shows how each of Shakespeare’s characters that dies in the tragedy plays meets their (often grisly) end: Like the above? Check out more fun Shakespeare infographics in Pintrest

Shakespeare & St Valentine

February 14th is a very special day for us in Western culture: St Valentine’s Day -  a day when we pull out all the stops to express our love for the one with whom we’re romantically involved, with flowers, chocolates, special treats and words of love. We often think about Shakespeare at this time, because […]