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New Documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon

We just came across this high-quality documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon, made by UK  film production company Alpha Star Productions. The documentary is a walk  through Shakespeare’s life in Stratford - from the house in which he he was born to the church in which he was buried – and explores the life he lived in the […]

Learning Shakespeare

I recently came across a story I wrote some time ago: it was in an anthology of  short stories intended for study by GCSE English students in the UK. It was a strange feeling to see it there, accompanied by questions about it and points for discussion. That a story, written for the pleasure and […]

Tony Blair, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the Emperor Nero

What have Hamlet, Tony Blair, H.G. Wells, David Frost, the Emperor Nero, Brian Clough, the White Rabbit and Kenneth Williams got in common? This is an easy one: they’ve all been played by the flavour of the month actor, Michael Sheen. The Welsh actor has played Tony Blair in three films – The Deal, The […]

Bill Shakespeare, Bill Shatner and Patrick Stewart

The official Star Trek Convention will take place this month in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a special event in that it’s the forty-fifth anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek. The guest appearances make up a pretty formidable list of stars, far too long to honour all the celebrities who will participate, but some […]