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Reasons We Know Shakespeare Wrote His Plays

The distinguished Shakespearean actor, Dame Janet Suzman has just  published a book entitled Not Hamlet,  about the treatment of women in theatre. One of the chapters addresses the Shakespeare conspiracy theory/authorship debate.  She takes the traditional scholarly view that it was one Master William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon who wrote the plays. In her book Dame Janet […]

Who Wrote Shakespeare? The Authorship Candidates

The conspirary that Shakespeare didn’t write his plays exists in some circles, which leads to the question who wrote Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets? We address the William Shakespeare authorship controversy here, but thought we’d take a closer look at the candidates who may have written Shakespeare’s plays according to the conspiracy theorists.   Authorship Candidate 1: […]

World Shakespeare Festival in Pictures

As the summer-spanning Shakespeare extravaganza that is the World Shakespeare Festival comes to an end in the UK we’ve flicked through the NoSweatShakespeare facebook page to pull together a selection of our favourite moments from the festival. With over 70 productions and exhibitions, 50 theatre companies and thousands of international artists there was certainly plenty of choice, but the […]

Shakespeare In Statistics: The Infographic

“Infographics” have been all the rage online for some time, so we thought we’d put together a Shakespeare infographic detailing lots of juicy Shakespeare statistics and information. And without further ado, here’s our shameless bandwagon-jumping “Shakespeare in statistics” infographic: If you want to embed the above Shakespeare infographic to your website simply copy and paste […]

Shakespeare & Racism

A common mistake we’re to make when trying to transpose any Shakespearean expression  from Renaissance English to contemporary modern English is to ignore its context and see it in the context of our own time. This often gives rise to charge against Shakespeare of such modern concepts as ‘racism,’ ‘anti-semitism’ or ‘sexism.’ Another complication is […]

Shakespeare’s Inspiration for Romeo & Juliet?

There are various rumors as to whether Shakespeare suffered from writers block or not. Some sources claim Shakespeare wrote quickly with ease – his contemporary Ben Jonson said “Whatsoever he penned, he never blotted out a line.” However, there is evidence of Shakespeare revising and crossing out his work in one scene he wrote for  Sir Thomas More, a […]