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“Still Dreaming” New Shakespeare Film Seeks Crowdfunding

The husband and wife film-making team behind Sundance hit Shakespeare Behind Bars are working on a new Shakespeare documentary, and seeking funding. Still Dreaming is a documentary about a group of retired Broadway entertainers who emerge from retirement to reawaken their spirits and their dreams by staging  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This post is a quick share to […]

Midsummer Madness With Outdoor Shakespeare

We’re back from our summer holiday – hot throughout Europe but, alas, as so often in England, summer’s lease hath all too short a date, and so it was this year. Nevertheless, the list of outdoor performances of Shakespeare’s plays is long and it grows longer every year. From The Globe on the Thames, to the Tea Lawn of […]

Shakespeare: The 21st Century Man

An historian, working with a team of digital artists, has spent three months updating a series of classic portraits to reflect how historical figures might look today.  A fourteen part television series is underway on the UK television channel, Yesterday. Shakespeare is one of the subjects. They’ve used the Cobbe portrait of 1610,  in which […]

Shakespeare’s Good For Your Brain: It’s Official!

There was an interesting article in the UK Newspaper, The Mail, last week,  about a research project centered on the reading of literature. The researchers at the University of Liverpool found that the reading of challenging literature, particularly Shakespeare and Wordsworth, has a beneficial effect on the mind, providing a ‘rocket-boost to morale by catching the reader’s […]

10 Shakespearean New Years Resolutions

I was surfing around looking for some inspiration to write a blog post on Shakespeare & New Year when I came across a wonderful piece on Peter Pappas’ tax and Shakespeare-related blog. In it he discusses a whole range of New Years’ resolutions, based on a combination of traditional resolutions a Shakespeare quotes to back […]

London 2012: All About Shakespeare!

As 2012 comes to an end, with the world mired in an economic morass, one thing we can reflect on with pleasure is the 2012 English summer with its highly successful Olympic Games and Paralympics (where the Olympic bell was inscribed with a quote from The  Tempest). Accompanying those international sporting events in London was the World […]

Reasons We Know Shakespeare Wrote His Plays

The distinguished Shakespearean actor, Dame Janet Suzman has just  published a book entitled Not Hamlet,  about the treatment of women in theatre. One of the chapters addresses the Shakespeare conspiracy theory/authorship debate.  She takes the traditional scholarly view that it was one Master William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon who wrote the plays. In her book Dame Janet […]

World Shakespeare Festival in Pictures

As the summer-spanning Shakespeare extravaganza that is the World Shakespeare Festival comes to an end in the UK we’ve flicked through the NoSweatShakespeare facebook page to pull together a selection of our favourite moments from the festival. With over 70 productions and exhibitions, 50 theatre companies and thousands of international artists there was certainly plenty of choice, but the […]