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7 Funniest Shakespeare Memes

We’ve been trawling the internet of late for some comedy takes on Shakespeare to share on the NoSweatShakespeare facebook page, and slowly but surely have stumbled across the internet sub-culture of “memes”. Warning: 30 second internet culture/patronizing lesson coming up! Historically, a meme has meant a discrete “package of culture” that travels via word of mouth – as a […]

Shakespeare’s Hat Stolen! #bringthebunnyback

The Hatwalk event – commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the London 2012 festival - started before dawn on July 30th when 21 of London’s best known statues were given bespoke head-wear…one of London’s more wacky arts events to take place this summer. The Shakespeare bust in Leicester Square was given a bunny baseball hat, […]

Gorging on Shakespeare in 2012

This year, 2012, is probably the biggest year for William Shakespeare in England since his death. Two of the UK’s biggest cultural institutions, the BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company, have teamed up with the World Shakespeare Festival to provide a huge Shakespeare tapestry covering the country in the media and on stages in Stratford, London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Wales and Scotland. […]

Shakespeare & I: The Bard’s Inspiration

Last week I was approached by Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s “Happy Birthday Shakespeare” project to write a blog piece on what Shakespeare means to me. The goal of their project is to gather bloggers from all around the world to share how Shakespeare has influenced/touched their life, to help celebrate his birthday on April 23rd. So, here’s my bash […]

How Shakespeare Is Like The World Wide Web

Shakespeare would have enjoyed the explosion that the English language has experienced with the invention of the Internet because he was fascinated with language. His own influence on the English language cannot be over-estimated, with his invention of new words, new ways of using words and his metaphorical phrases that have become part of normal […]

What’s In A Name? “Shakespere” & Top Shop

What’s in a name? Shakespeare by any other name would surely smell as sweet! The big Shakespeare news in the UK yesterday was red faces all round at leading high street retailer Top Shop, when they realised they’d spelled Shakespeare’s name incorrectly on a t-shirt. The women’s fashion item went on sale online and at […]

Is It Hip Hop Or Shakespeare?

A quick pop quiz for you, do you think the quotes below words are from a hip hop track or Shakespeare play? “To destroy the beauty from which one came” “Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit” “Men would rather use their broken records than their bear hands” “I was not […]

Learning Shakespeare

I recently came across a story I wrote some time ago: it was in an anthology of  short stories intended for study by GCSE English students in the UK. It was a strange feeling to see it there, accompanied by questions about it and points for discussion. That a story, written for the pleasure and […]

Shakespeare Out Of The Closet

This guest blog post comes courtesy of Katie over at the extremely readable OrWhatYouWill Shakespeare blog, talking about networking for more Shakespeare buddies: Shakespeare is boring, right? This mindset is so prevalent that loving Shakespeare can often feel like a dirty little secret – an affinity best kept in the closet. It can be difficult to […]