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Read Shakespeare’s Plays as Modern English Ebooks

NoSweatShakespeare’s ebooks are faithful, full length translations of Shakespeare’s plays in to modern English, available as a PDF download for $14.95 (or alternatively you can read modern translations of Shakespeare’s play online for free).

See the full selection of modern Shakespeare ebooks below, which allow you to:

  1. Read Shakespeare’s plays as easy, exciting novels in modern English
  2. Follow Shakespeare’s Act and Scene structure
  3. Gain an immediate grasp of the plot, themes and characters of the plays – as well as a taste of the language

Modern Shakespeare ebook samples:

Modern English A Midsummer Night’s Dream ebook >>
Modern English Hamlet ebook >>
Modern Henry IV Part 1 ebook >>
Modern English Henry V ebook >>
Modern English Julius Caesar ebook >>
Modern English King Lear ebook >>
Modern English Macbeth ebook >>
Modern English The Merchant of Venice ebook >>
Modern English Much Ado About Nothing ebook >>
Modern English Othello ebook >>
Modern Romeo & Juliet ebook >>
Modern English The Tempest ebook >>
Modern English Twelfth Night ebook >>

Shakespeare for Kids ebook samples:

The Shakespeare for Kids ebook series are aimed at children. They tell the story of the plays in simple language, and are not broken up into acts and scenes.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Kids ebook >>
Julius Caesar for Kids ebook >>
Macbeth for Kids ebook >>
Romeo & Juliet for Kids ebook >>
The Tempest for Kids ebook >>

Modern Shakespeare Sonnets ebook sample:

The Modern Shakespeare Sonnet ebook is intended to offer an easy read-through to aid understanding of all 147 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. There is no attempt to ‘translate’ the poetry word for word, but rather they argument of each sonnet and a general impression of the main sense, whilst following each line and image as a modern version.

Modern Shakespeare Sonnets ebook >>

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