This page pulls together a bunch of Shakespeare translator resources from across the web to help you translate Shakespeare into modern English, and in some cases modern English into Shakespearean-style language.

Online Shakespeare Translators – Words:

  • OldEnglishTranslator allows you to translate words from old English (defined here as spoken between 5th and 12th century in what is now England and Southern Scotland) to modern English, and vice versa.
  • is the online version of the well known language companion, allowing you to search for any word or phrase in Shakespeare’s works, along with its’ translation.

Online Shakespeare Translators – Sentences & Phrases:

  • One of the few modern English to Shakespeare translators is LingoJam – type in your English and get it translated into Shakespeare’s language.
  • SpeakShakespeare claims to be a Shakespeare translator but the jury’s out as we’ve been unable to get any decent results from it.

Shakespeare Translator Software:

  • Download Babylon Translation, a Shakespeare translator software that translates Shakespeare not just into modern English, but multiple languages. 

And of course we have a whole lot of Shakespeare translator resources right here on NoSweatShakespeare!

Read Shakespeare’s plays translated into modern English

Read Shakespeare’s sonnets translated  into modern English

Read Shakespeare quotes translated  into modern English

Understanding thees and thous in Shakespeare

Shakespeare and the development of early modern English

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