In all of his work – the plays, the sonnets and the narrative poems – Shakespeare uses 17,677 words: Of those words, Shakespeare invented an incredible 1,700 of them!

This list of words that we use in our daily speech were all brought into usage by Shakespeare:

  • accommodation
  • aerial
  • amazement
  • apostrophe
  • assassination
  • auspicious
  • baseless
  • bloody
  • bump
  • castigate
  • changeful
  • clangor
  • control (noun)
  • countless
  • courtship
  • critic
  • critical
  • dexterously
  • dishearten
  • dislocate
  • dwindle
  • eventful
  • exposure
  • fitful
  • frugal
  • generous
  • gloomy
  • gnarled
  • hurry
  • impartial
  • inauspicious
  • indistinguishable
  • invulnerable
  • lapse
  • laughable
  • lonely
  • majestic
  • misplaced
  • monumental
  • multitudinous
  • obscene
  • palmy
  • perusal
  • pious
  • premeditated
  • radiance
  • reliance
  • road
  • sanctimonious
  • seamy
  • sportive
  • submerge
  • suspicious

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  1. ayad hammad
    ayad hammad says:

    I do not know how to thank the site’s creator because this site helped me too muchhhhhhh in writing and finishing up the paper about literary pragmatics ( The Speech Act Analysis of ……). Once more thanks for the site’s creator.

  2. Chelsea
    Chelsea says:

    Hi. I’m pretty sure that Shakespeare did not invent the word “pious” as Plato (a philosopher) used it in a few of his dialogues way before Shakespeare was even born. Just letting you know :)

    Btw, Shakespeare is awesome <3

  3. Sergio Morales
    Sergio Morales says:

    Of those words I used 31 today alone! All the words he invented are very common espicially aerial, suspicious, and lonely.

  4. Lily Jew
    Lily Jew says:

    I absolutely love shakespeare he is such an inspirational character to me and he is the one I wake up in the morning for although this isn’t good information.

  5. Elahe
    Elahe says:

    i love Shakespeare, he was a genius without university education!
    would you tell me which one of his neologism is utilised just in his sonnets?
    i need it for a research.
    thanks so much.


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