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Shakespeare Quotes

Written Shakespeare quote on sky blue background - 'to thine own self be true'

Read the best and most famous Shakespeare quotes, monologues and soliloquies by play (Hamlet quotesMacbeth quotesRomeo & Juliet quotes and more), or see Shakespeare’s love quotes.

The Plays

Picture of the first page of William Shakespeare's 'third folio'

Read short summaries of Shakespeare’s plays, meet Shakespeare’s characters, and understand Shakespeare’s play types – comedies, histories, tragedies etc.

Shakespeare’s Family

Portrait of Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife

Brush up on Shakespeare’s family – his parents, siblings and his own three children, alongside in-depth information on Anne Hathaway – Shakespeare’s wife.

The Sonnets

Picture of Shakespeare's sonnets folio

Need to know what iambic pentameter is, or how to write a sonnet? We also have modern translations of all 154 sonnets (including sonnet 18), and all of Shakespeare’s poems.

Shakespeare’s Characters

Close up picture of Macbeth with bloody face

Studies of Shakespeare’s most loved characters – Lady Macbeth, Caliban, Queen Mab, Laertes, Prospero, Polonius, Friar Laurence, Falstaff, Fortinbras, and many more.

Shakespeare’s Theatres

Globe theatre interior at dusk

Everything to know about each of the London theatres Shakespeare was connected to, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, along with some great Globe Theatre facts.

Shakespearean Insults

Picture of a written Shakespeare insult -

With his insults Shakespeare was most certainly a master of his trade. Try insulting someone in Elizabethan English with this list of Shakespeare insults.

Shakespeare’s Picture

Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare

What did Shakespeare look like? See all of the known portraits and pictures of William Shakespeare – Chandos, Cobbe, Droueshot, Hilliard, Holy Trinity Bust, Saunders – with a description of each.

Latest Articles from the Blog

Most common Shakespeare questions

When was Shakespeare born?

William Shakespeare’s date of birth is generally accepted as 23rd April 1564. There was no birth certificate in those days, but there is a record of Shakespeare being baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon on 26th April, 1564.

Where was Shakespeare born?

Shakespeare was the third of the eight children born to John and Mary Shakespeare of Stratford upon Avon.

When did Shakespeare get married?

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1582 at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon, he was 18 and she was 26.

Did Shakespeare have children?

William and Anne Shakespeare had three children. Their first child was a daughter, Susanna, who was born in May 1583, six months after her parents got married. In January 1585 William and Anne had twins, Hamnet and Judith.

How many plays did Shakespeare write?

This is a question with no definitive answer. Here’s why:

  • There are 37 plays Shakespeare definitely wrote
  • There is at least 1 ‘lost’ play (a play found after Shakespeare’s death that’s been attributed to him, e.g. Cardenio)
  • There are potentially 1 or more miss-attributed plays (plays that have been attributed to someone other than Shakespeare that some academics feel may have been written by Shakespeare, e.g. Double Falsehood)
  • A number of plays that Shakespeare may have collaborated on with other writers (e.g. Henry VIII and The Two Noble Kinsmen).

What did Shakespeare look like?

Sadly there’s no William Shakespeare photo (as cameras were not around in the Elizabethan era!), but there are a number of Shakespeare portraits, paintings, engravings, and sculptures.

The shorthand image of Shakespeare is of a man with a dome-like high forehead, a beard and mustache, and shoulder-length hair, sometimes wearing a gold hoop earring.

How did Shakespeare die?

William Shakespeare died on 23rd April 1616, his 52nd birthday.

How old was Shakespeare when he died?

William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, 23rd April 1616.

Where is Shakespeare buried?

Shakespeare was buried alongside his immediate family members, inside Holy Trinity Church – his local parish church in Stratford upon Avon. Read about Shakespeare’s grave.

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