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NoSweatShakespeare is a labor of love from London-based father and son Shakespeare enthusiasts Ralph and Ed Goldswain.

The NoSweatShakespeare ebooks stem from a realisation that although so much good work has been done on textual aspects and the broad grasp of plot, few resources are available to give students a complete grasp of the complexity of a whole Shakespeare text in one short reading. See samples of Shakespeare’s plays as modern English ebooks.

Meet the NoSweatShakespeare team:

Ralph Goldswain

Ralph Goldswain

Founder & Content

Ralph taught English Literature in England for four decades.

During the 1980s he was seconded to the National Shakespeare and Schools Project, where he helped develop methods of teaching Shakespeare to bring plays to life in the classroom.

He went on to work at the London Education Authority, where his focus was working with teachers to make Shakespeare lively, comprehensible, and enjoyable for their students. He has created and delivered Shakespeare workshops for both teachers and students, and still regularly visits schools in the UK and Europe to address groups of teachers.

Ed Goldswain

Ed Goldswain

Founder & Web stuff

Ed has inherited a love of literature of all stripes, and a regular visitor to Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon to soak up the atmosphere and take in a performance.

His career has been focused on digital marketing and content creation for a range of global brands over the past two decades, and now runs his own digital agency.

The NoSweatShakespeare site is much more than a hobby - and Ed has a passion for making Shakespeare easy and accessible for students of all ages.

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Emily Jackoway

Emily Jackoway

Social, Content & Podcast

Emily is a writer, actor, and lover of all things literature. A graduate of New York University‘s Tisch School of the Arts, she holds degrees in English Literature and Drama, and is an alumnus of NYU’s Classical Studio.

A self-confessed Shakespeare nerd, Emily is passionate about making classic texts accessible, relatable, and fun for all.

Jacquie Hale

Jacquie Hale

Finance & Admin superstar

With a ten-year background working in the finance department of one of the largest international banks in London, Jacquie is now responsible for everything finance and admin related in the day to day running of NoSweatShakespeare.

She is a keen traveller, ticking many of the Shakespeare play destinations off her bucket list.

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Reader Testimonials

“I wish there would have been something like this for me when I was studying Shakespeare!”

Lucas Aronowitz

“I am a student in a World Lit class in college. I read the Tempest by Shakespeare. Actually I read it a couple of times. I’m not used to that style of language and grammar. Just to be sure I had all the details, I downloaded The Tempest from you. It helped clear a couple things up for me and added some minor details that really helped when it came test time.” 

Kevin Thorpe

“After failing miserably to understand Shakespeare myself I was aghast to be asked for help by my daughter for her exams. The service you offer is absolutely fantastic and allowed her to be able to understand the play in modern day language, which made reading and following the original much easier. It is with no understatement the reason she did so well in her English exams. Probably the best money I have ever spent on her education and I have already recommended it to friends!” 

Christine Daly

“I needed a version of the play that was not a “watered down” text that my students could understand and get the meaning from so that they could relate to the themes of the play without getting lost in the language. This version has been instrumental in my students’ understanding and I am so glad I found your website.”

Steven Shelton


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