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NoSweatShakespeare is a labor of love from London-based father and son Shakespeare enthusiasts John and Warren King.

Warren King taught English Literature for 42 years in a number of English schools. During the 1980s he was seconded to the National Shakespeare and Schools Project, where he worked to develop methods of teaching Shakespeare in the classroom that bring plays to life for students of all ages.

Warren subsequently worked as a Shakespeare consultant at the London Education Authority, where his focus was working with teachers to make Shakespeare lively, comprehensible and enjoyable for their students. He has created and delivered Shakespeare workshops for both teachers and students, and still regularly visits schools in the UK and Europe to address groups of teachers.

John King has inherited a love of literature of all stripes. He’s worked in digital marketing and content creation for a range of global brands over the past two decades, and is now runs his own digital agency.

The NoSweatShakespeare ebooks stem from a realisation that although so much good work has been done on textual aspects and the broad grasp of plot, few resources are available to give students a complete grasp of the complexity of a whole Shakespeare text in one short reading. See samples of Shakespeare’s plays as modern English ebooks.

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