You cannot talk about the English language without mentioning Shakespeare. He is a renowned writer that has had a massive contribution to the language. In fact, he is arguably the most significant contributor to the world of literature. He was endowed with rare skills in archaism, dialectical adaptation, stylistic fashions, and linguistic satire. To date, no author has matched Shakespeare in regard to these attributes. Shakespeare’s influence on literature is unquestionable.

Many institutions have adopted the literary work of Shakespeare as study materials in the literature classes. Students can access most of the books and poems from the internet, where experts provide first-rate essays on literature at affordable prices. You can still find some free essay examples to help you in conducting your research. In this article, we look at 4 of Shakespeare’s exceptional works that continue to influence literature today.

 1. Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s tragedy art in all its perfection first appeared in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. As a source, Shakespeare used Arthur Brooke’s 1562 poem “Romeo and Juliet”, which with its plot goes back to the works of Italian authors. Based on Brooke’s poem, the work of William Shakespeare is perhaps the best example of the original concept and artistic skill. He sings in it the sincerity and purity of a young feeling, love, free from the shackles of medieval feudal morality.

In Romeo and Juliet there is a tangible connection with Shakespeare’s comedies. The proximity to comedy is reflected in the leading role of the theme of love, in the comic nature of the nurse, in the wit of Mercutio, in the farce with the servants, in the carnival atmosphere of the ball in the house of Capulet, in the bright, optimistic color of the whole play. The tragic beginning appears in the play in the form of a conflict of social forces, and not as a drama of internal, spiritual struggle.

4 Shakespeare Works With Everlasting Influence 1

Romeo and Juliet on the famous balcony

2. Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare’s comedy has deeply dramatic conflicts and even tragic motives. Against the background of Venice’s cheerful carnival atmosphere, there is a sharp clash between the world of joy, trust, and nobility, and the world of self-interest, greed, and cruelty.

The influence of the image of Shylock on modern literature is relevant nowadays because it is a rather complex character. There is a tragic beginning in this image. Shylock is shown as a cruel and vengeful moneylender, but at the same time as a person suffering from his humble position in society. With a great sense of human dignity, Shylock says that people are equal by nature, despite the difference in nationalities.

Shylock played by Al Pacino, dressed in burgundy hat and robes

Shylock as played by Al Pacino, discussing his pound of flesh

3. The Sonnets

Shakespeare’s sonnets are a lyrical confession; the hero tells about the life of his heart, about his conflicting feelings; it is a passionate monologue, angrily exposing the hypocrisy and cruelty that prevailed in society, and contrasting them with enduring spiritual values ​​- friendship, love, art. It can provide a great theme for students’ essay samples.

Among the sonnets in which the most important social ideas are expressed, the sonnet 66 stands out. This is an angry denunciation of a society based on baseness, meanness, and treachery. In the lapidary phrases, all ulcers of an unjust society are named.

4. The Tempest

Shakespeare’s dreams of a just society are expressed in the fantastic plot of the tragicomedy The Tempest, where Gonzalo’s utopian dreams confront a real society where atrocities are committed.

The play reveals the conflict between good and evil which is very accurate in our modern society and has had a huge impact on literature – even since before Shakespeare’s time. The image of the humanist scientist Prospero is the embodiment of a good mind and its beneficial effects on people. The wise Prospero transforms people, making them intelligent and beautiful. Shakespeare expressed love for humanity, admiration for the beauty of man, faith in the onset of a beautiful new world. The humanist poet places his hope in the minds of future generations that will create a happy life.

Prospero as played by Christopher Plummer

Prospero as played by Christopher Plummer


Even though he lived centuries ago, Shakespeare’s legacy still lives on, in so many ways. His influence on the English language is still relevant now and will continue to be in the future. His works featured variety, meaning he was an accomplished author. His plays, poems, and novels have been accepted around the world as standard literary materials. Many authors admit that Shakespearean literature had an influence on their careers as well.

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