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Which Shakesepare Play Should You See?

Fancy taking in a Shakespeare play but not sure which one to go for? Fear not! Artist Mya Gosling at Good Tickle Brain, has put together this fantastic flow chart- “Which Shakespeare Play Should You See?” – to help you make up your mind. We love Shakespeare infographics at NoSweatShakespeare, and have to say that […]

Shakespeare – A Wounded Genius

Scholars, critics and other writers have been commenting on Shakespeare’s plays for four hundred years and, it seems, there is still something to say. Every generation invents Shakespeare in its own image and so the commentaries will never end. Sometimes, though, there are commentators who seem determined to ‘catch’ Shakespeare out, to jeer, and suggest […]

How Shakespeare is Helping… Rehab Patients

Art therapy has gained much popularity over the last decade. Individuals in need of counselling for various psychological ailments have been benefitting from this niche type of therapy greatly. In particular, theatre and plays have been incorporated into regular treatment programs as a means for afflicted individuals to heal. With Shakespeare being the most prominent […]

Expedia’s Global Shakespeare Explorer Celebrates #Shakespeare400

As Shakespeare enthusiasts, we’re constantly looking around for more creative ways to make Shakespeare both exciting and accessible for all. This year, as we’re celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, we’ve seen an abundance of fun tools, quizzes and interactive maps but one that we found particularly interesting was Expedia’s Global Shakespeare Explorer. This newly […]

Elizabethan Actors

Elizabethan actors existed in a contradictory world in which they were regarded as the lowest of the low, but if they achieved success and, most important, a following, they would be regarded as almost godlike, exactly as film stars are today. Modern film stars may spend years in near starvation, playing minor roles and living […]

Shakespeare In Other Art Forms

After the legendary actor-manager David Garrick introduced bardolatory to mid-18th-century England, artists quickly followed his lead by painting scenes from Shakespeare’s plays as well as portraits  of prominent actors in dramatic poses. Reproduced as prints, works by William Hogarth, Henry Fuseli, William Blake and later, John Everett Millais helped to enshrine Shakespeare as England’s great […]

Shakespeare’s Top 10 Love Scenes

Shakespeare in reknown for creating some of the world’s top lovers. In this post we take a look at Shakespeare’s top love scenes across all of his plays. So, in no particular order here are Shakespeare’s top 10 love scenes: Much Ado About Nothing, Act 4, Scene 1 A quarrelsome duo discover they don’t hate […]