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London Entertainment in Two Elizabethan Eras

In spite of experiencing the worst summer weather since records began London is more crowded this summer than it has ever been. There was the Wimbledon tennis tournament earlier this month and the 2012 Olympic Games begin later this week. There is also, of course, an international Shakespeare Festival: the Proms, the world’s biggest classical […]

Gorging on Shakespeare in 2012

This year, 2012, is probably the biggest year for William Shakespeare in England since his death. Two of the UK’s biggest cultural institutions, the BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company, have teamed up with the World Shakespeare Festival to provide a huge Shakespeare tapestry covering the country in the media and on stages in Stratford, London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Wales and Scotland. […]

Want To Understand Shakespeare’s Soliloquys?

We’ve been busy here at NoSweatShakespeare over the bank holiday weekend! The past few days we’ve been beavering away to  translate many of Shakespeare’s soliloquies into modern English, and have now launched a new soliloquys section of the website to accommodate them. (This is of course a supplement to the ever growing Shakespeare quotes section!) […]

Shakespeare & Elizabethan Stage Sets

At a time when all of Shakespeare’s plays are being staged in different places on different kinds of stage in thirty-seven different languages I’m thinking about how different the staging of Shakespeare’s plays are from when Shakespeare wrote them to be staged in his own Globe Theatre. Very often, these days, when you attend the […]

Shakespeare In Statistics: The Infographic

“Infographics” have been all the rage online for some time, so we thought we’d put together a Shakespeare infographic detailing lots of juicy Shakespeare statistics and information. And without further ado, here’s our shameless bandwagon-jumping “Shakespeare in statistics” infographic: If you want to embed the above Shakespeare infographic to your website simply copy and paste […]