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Shakespeare is THE MAN

People like to reflect on greatness and to make lists of the ten or hundred greatest men and women in history. Or in Britain, or in America, or in the world. When the Brits make lists of the greatest men and women in history the list tends to be dominated by Brits, American lists by […]

Judi Dench to Rival Shakespeare’s Globe with Film Set

It seems to be catching. But after all, this is the second Elizabethan age so harking back to the golden age of English theatre shouldn’t be surprising. Sam Wannermaker’s Globe Theatre in London has proved a great success and now it’s the turn of the North of England. Dame Judi Dench, Shakespearean actor and movie […]

Shakespeare Text Speak (or shkspr txt spk!)

NoSweatShakespeare aims to present Shakespeare to our own generation as exciting and relevant…However, as children and young people all around the world are obliged to encounter his plays as part of their formal education, teachers and students are forever looking for resources that will give them a better understanding of the texts

Would Shakespeare Have Approved?

I came across an article in the August 2nd edition of London’s Sunday Times. “A number of West End theatres are now employing bouncers to cope with intoxicated patrons who fight, fondle one another and even urinate in the auditorium. The yobbish behaviour has led to theatregoers being ejected during performances and police being called […]

Obama Dices with Shakespeare Danger

In the last half century there have been some great speeches by American presidents and some have been wonderful orators. But there has been a striking lack of Shakespeare quotations and that’s strange when you think about it: Shakespeare had something beautiful, concise and definitive to say about every imaginable situation. Abraham Lincoln was one […]

Shakespeare Goes Underground

Shakespeare has been quoted in many places for many reasons before now, but plans by  London Underground to use Shakespeare quotes on tube trains may yet be the most outlandish! Bosses at London Underground have asked tube drivers to mix quotes from various authors, philosophers and great thinkers with their usual announcements. The initiative is […]

Cobbe Portrait Discovery Takes Centre Stage

The debate about what Shakespeare looked like has taken a new turn with the discovery of a new portrait by Cobbe.