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Plays are enjoyable for people who want to pass their time. They can learn so much from them as well as get an idea on how the scripts are written. However, there are plays like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that people dislike so much.

This tragic love story is all about two lovers who came from two rival families. The Capulets and the Montagues. At first, it seems like a normal love story that you can find in the movies. However, in many essays and review sites online there are teenagers who commented that Romeo might be too young for such strong feelings, or Juliet is too anxious to enter a relationship.

It is not only the reviews on paper that make this play unsuitable for young audiences. Many essays written by students view this tragic love story somewhat negatively, as the protagonists “die for the wrong reasons”, and believe that Romeo should have checked Juliet over properly before drinking his poison.

If you are one of those who were tasked to write about this play, you should watch the whole play or read a modern English version of the play in order to understand why some of the critics are putting this work in a negative light. When writing your essay you might be tempted to just copy paste the whole content from an online review and just get it over with. In order to make sure that you pass your essay requirement with no problems, there is free plagiarism checker online you can use in order to make your work is legitimate, even if you have sought inspiration in other’s papers.

Reasons Why Readers Dislike Romeo and Juliet

  1. They Dislike the Characters

Romeo and Juliet are full of characters that are not ideal. They are both impetuous in their decisions. Neither heeds parents’ pieces of advice. Their love for each other is almost unreal. There are also characters in the book that do not have a lot of things to do but to make sure that the other family is miserable.

  1. Students are Forced to Read about it in School

Students do not like to be forced. Some high school learners are still not prepared to read such a long play full of outdated language. There are a lot of books that they can spend time enjoying instead of Romeo and Juliet.

  1. The Play Ends in Tragedy

This is a story of star-crossed lovers who committed suicide believing that the other is already dead. Tragedies are uncommon themes, especially for teenagers. They prefer romantic and happy endings. After all, they are still in such an age when they expect to find their one true love. (Read about more Romeo and Juliet themes.)

  1. The Families are Always at War

The story is about two families who were at war for many generations. This is not an ideal scene that most people prefer. They might want to see a play where they can get lessons instead of seeing families who are constantly punching their rivals’ faces on the street. The conflict can be too much for most people especially to the students who prefer to read something that can distract them from studies rather than make feel frustrated or depressed refreshing their own problems and issues.

  1. The Language is Too Deep

Old English can be complicated. As mentioned before, most of the high school students are not familiar with the words that were written and used in the previous centuries. It can be annoying for most of them to look up for words while they are reading a particular scene. Luckily, in some schools, there are teachers who want to make learner’s lives easier and translate some of the lesser-known words into modern ones so that the students understand the play better and get lessons from it in the process.

A Final Word about Romeo and Juliet

Just as any other play, Romeo and Juliet has its fair share of criticisms and compliments. If you are required to write an essay about this play, the good news is that there are still a lot of points that you can love about this epic work of literature. You might have to spend days finishing this book to know its good points. But still, you can be proud of yourself that you were able to read one of the most known and genius play ever written.

  • Do Modern Readers Really Hate Romeo and Juliet? 1 Richard VaughanDavies says:

    So sad if some young readers are offended by certain aspects. That would be so. awful for them. .

  • Do Modern Readers Really Hate Romeo and Juliet? 2 Susan Wozniak says:

    This review overlooks one important theme and dismisses another. The overlooked theme is that Juliet faces an arrainged marriage. Her mother presents conformity — many girls your age are married — as a reason why she should marry. And the writer makes short shrift of the long-standing violence between the families and that bo one seems to remember its cause.