The Shakespeare "bunny hat"

Shakespeare’s Hat Stolen! #bringthebunnyback

The Shakespeare "bunny hat"

The stolen Shakespeare "bunny hat"

The Hatwalk event – commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the London 2012 festival – started before dawn on July 30th when 21 of London’s best known statues were given bespoke head-wear…one of London’s more wacky arts events to take place this summer.

The Shakespeare bust in Leicester Square was given a bunny baseball hat, designed by Paul Bernstock and Thelma Speirs, but come daylight it was missing, presumed stolen! Grazia magazine who are co-organizing the event have now launched a campaign for it’s return, including a reward and the trending hashtag #bringthebunnyback

The London milliners who designed Shakespeare’s stolen hat allegedly opted for one of their trademark ‘bunny caps’ as a nod to Olympic sports excellence and also because, in the course of their deliberations on how a modern Shakespeare might have chosen to make his mark, they had decided that he ‘might well have been writing pop music or might even have been a rapper’ if he was around today.

I’m not so sure Shakespeare would have been writing pop music today (thoughts?), but either way do drop us a line if you know the whereabouts of his snazzy hat!



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