shakespeare-in-love-setIt seems to be catching. But after all, this is the second Elizabethan age so harking back to the golden age of English theatre shouldn’t be surprising. Sam Wannermaker’s Globe Theatre in London has proved a great success and now it’s the turn of the North of England.

Dame Judi Dench, Shakespearean actor and movie star, won awards for her performance as Queen Elizabeth I in the movie Shakespeare in Love. After the actors and crew had packed up and gone  home she was given the set of the film as a gift. The oak timbers have been stored in a warehouse since it was dismantled after the completion of the filming and now she is exploring the possibility of turning the set into a Shakespeare centre in York, the city of her birth.

Dame Judi wants to see the set turned into a full-scale replica of the Rose theatre, which stood close to the Globe on the south bank of the Thames and was also used by Shakespeare. The actress has donated the set to the touring British Shakespeare Company to use as a permanent Shakespeare centre in the north of England.

There has been a long-standing campaign for recognition of Shakespeare’s northern links, after suggestions that the Bard fled to Lancashire after prosecution at Stratford-upon-Avon for poaching deer.

This will certainly be a good start.