Robot and Human Review Romeo and Juliet

Ben at Blue Dragon Studios got in touch to tell us about this review of Romeo and Juliet by a human and a robot, sat on a sofa, chewing the fat about one of Shakespeare’s most renowned plays. It’s pretty funny and worth a watch to get a low down on the plot, and an alternative take on some of the key moments in the play… and where else have you seem a robot reviewing Shakespeare?!

Written by William Shakespeare at some point in the 1590’s, the play Romeo and Juliet is often considered a landmark literary achievement… by humans. In this video, the robots of the world finally get their say. In “Robot and Human Review: Romeo and Juliet,” a robot (ROBO) and a human (Ben) review the classic play, call each other names, and reassess its standing as an epochal narrative work. In the web series Robot and Human Review, a robot and human sit down to discuss and review an iconic work of art (generally a book, play, film, or videogame). The series was created by Benjamin Yackshaw and ROBO, his irreverent robot companion.

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