Shakespeare Calling, The Book!

shakespeare-callingOur friends over at the Shakespeare Calling blog have just released their Shakespeare ruminations in book format:

Why Shakespeare?

Who is this Hamlet?

Is Lady Macbeth really evil? Can Caliban really be a twitchy speeded Goth freak? What’s so interesting about Lady Blanche, Lucius, Queen Margaret, Cassius, Paulina, Emilia, Celia…? These and many, many more questions sent the new Bardolator Ruby Jand on a personal journey of exploration into the plays of Shakespeare and the search for an explanation of what a 450 year old playwright from Stratford upon Avon means to us today.
After more than three years of blogging, Shakespeare Calling is now a book. A book to be read by scholars, students, theatre enthusiasts and anybody who has ever wondered, “Why Shakespeare?”

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