New Years Resolutions for Shakespeare’s Characters

new years resolutionsAs we open our eyes to 2012 and the new year, custom dictates we make the odd new year’s resolution to try and keep (at least until the end of January!). We at No Sweat Shakespeare are going with the traditional drinking less and exercising more…but what new year’s resolutions do you think Shakespeare’s characters might make?

Our friends over at About Shakespeare came up with this intriguing concept, which got us thinking. We’ve listed a few of the best below…but what do you think? Pick a Shakespeare character,  think of a a new year’s resolution for them and share in the comments section below!

Here are a few of our favorite potential new year’s resolutions for Shakespeare’s characters::

Caesar: “Listen to my wife and stay home from work.”

Claudius: “Steer clear of my brother’s wife!”

Henry VI: “Stay out of foreign quarrels.”

Juliet: “Stay off the drugs.”

Falstaff: “Get home before the chimes at midnight.”

King Lear: “Don’t let my kids sweet-talk me.”

Polonius: “Keep my nose out of other peoples’ business.”

Hamlet: “Try and get things done.”

Polonius: “Spend more time supervising my kids.”

Hamlet: “Stop worrying about losing dad all the time.”

Lady Macbeth: “Be happy with what I’ve got.”

What do you think? Share your thoughts on new year’s resolutions of Shakespeare characters in the comments!

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