Shakespeare's London

Shakespeare – A London Kind Of A Guy

Shakespeare's London

The whole world, apart from Germany, has been saddened by the humiliation of the Brazilian football team at the hands of the German team.

Hosting an international sporting event is wonderful for any country or city and when its sportsmen and women deliver it becomes ecstatic. Brazilians, always ready to be ecstatic at the drop of a hat, came down to earth during this tournament and it’s not nice to see such a great people hurting in their millions.

The 2012 London Olympics pulled people in from all over the world in large numbers. It turned out to be happier for Britons than the World Cup has been for Brazilians. London 2012 was a joyous occasion, and particularly joyous for Team Britain, with so many medals.

The national English, or British, poet is, of course, William Shakespeare, and 2012 was a great year for him. As a London resident – its most famous – he was very present and hugely honoured, with several events related to his works. Young people traveled from all over the world to stay in London (easy with a hotel booking site like to participate in the various Shakespeare events andto participate in the various Shakespeare events and, altogether, 2012 was a great year for London.

Although Shakespeare is closely associated with Stratford-upon-Avon the fact is that he spent most of his adult life in London. It’s therefore very interesting that tourists can walk around Stratford and by visiting the various Shakespeare sites can experience the presence of Shakespeare there but that he eludes tourists to London. The places where he worked in London are all built over and, apart from a very few narrow streets on the south bank where he may have walked, we can’t really find him in London.

Scholars now know about some of the places where he lived in London but they are bombed and rebuilt-over places that cannot offer the atmosphere that Stratford can, where we can see the actual house where he was born and the cottage where he wooed the woman who was to become his wife.

But Shakespeare’s flame still burns brightly in London and it is there, in the world’s greatest city – the world’s top tourist destination – that he still rules as the world’s greatest poet. Visitors to London have a huge choice of performances of his plays, staged in a variety of theatres. Also, there are many patches of Elizabethan London that can still be seen, untouched, where visitors can soak up the atmosphere of the poet’s era.

Those that decide the venues of the World Cup tournament may one day grant that honour to England. It will be a long time from now but we can be sure that William Shakespeare will again play an important part in the festivities and that the world will descend upon London again to enjoy both the football and the bard.

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