Saucy Shakespeare Shop Opens in Straford-Upon-Avon

The conflicts and emotions currently raging in Shakespeare’s hometown would make an intriquing drama.

Romeo & Juliet’s Adult Boutique opens this week in Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon. The new mayor said it could destroy the town’s image and put tourists off. Several business persons welcome it as an interesting addition to Stratford’s shopping streets, with its colourful stock of sex toys, porn movies and sexy lingerie. A vicar has weighed in with the opinion that it’s a “seedy” kind of shop and entirely inapporpriate as it is next to a bus stop used by children.

The owner of the shop, Kathy Gilbert, said that Shakespeare would be proud of such a shop in his town because his plays and poems are saturated with sexual overtones. He would have taken a mature and realistic view of it. Ms Gilbert, a 33 year-old mother added that her new shop would honour the Bard by selling candy in the shape of Romeo and Juliet having sex, dressed in jesters’ costumes. She says that she’s been surprised by the reaction of some of the Stratford people – the mayor and the vicar and other dignitaries should come along to the shop and see for themselves.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is more relaxed. Their spokeswoman pointed out that all kinds of businesses capitalise on Shakespeare’s name to sell their products. That is what happens in Stratford. And why not?

Ms Gilbert insists that it’s a good move regarding sexual health and sexual health education. “We have worked very hard with the NHS to promote sexual health,” she said.

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  1. High Class Courtesan
    High Class Courtesan says:

    Romeo & Juliet’s Adult Boutique was my favourite lingerie store for the time i lived there. It was more than 3 years buying beauty lingerie. After 5 years i still use most of it, and i can swear that men still love! 😉

    Not bed for a Stratford shy girl !

    I’m very glad to see the article here because i’m addicted to Shakespeare, since i was a teenager.

    • DeBarra
      DeBarra says:


      I’m in Stratford at the moment and am wondering where this place is? I can’t seem to find an address for it and would look to stop in!

      Thanks! 😀


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