star-wars-shakespeare1Just when you thought you’d seen/heard of all the possible re-inventions of Shakespeare’s stories, along comes another interpretation to blow you away.

The other day we got sent an advanced copy of “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope“. That’s right folks, the newest kid on the alternative Shakespeare block is an “officially licensed retelling” of Star Wars on Shakespeare-style language – right down to the iambic pentameter. Although on the surface the idea might seem a little out there, the writing is in a relatively easy to read style and Star Wars (perhaps unsurprisingly as a great work of fiction) has plenty of the elements of a Shakespeare play – strong characterization, wise knights, evil lords, captive princesses…light sabers duels!

As part of the Star Wars story-line the author, Ian Doesher, even has a go at incorporating and rewording some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines. Perhaps the most recognizable and pick of the bunch has C3PO speaking the words:

“now is the summer of our happiness, made winter by this sudden, fierce attack!”.

Perhaps not for everyone, but if you’re a Star Wars fan and you’re reading this Shakespeare blog, it might just be worth checking out.


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