Let The Shakespeare World Cup Commence!

Much like a Shakespeare festival the World Cup –  starting today – promises to bring a month of international angst and drama.

So big thanks to Mya @ GoodTickleBrain.com for coming up with this genius Shakespeare World Cup concept. She’s selected 32 Shakespeare plays to stand in for the 32 international teams competing in the World Cup. Shakespeare plays and the football teams have been paired together by matching FIFA’s ranking system with Shakespeare’s plays by line length, and the character  line count offering the team captains*.

So, here’s Mya’s pick of the competitors for this year’s Shakespeare World Cup:


The official (non-) FIFA approved Shakespeare World Cup




































































* For those pedants amongst you:

  • Hotspur steps in to to replace Falstaff and Hal, both of whom captain other teams.
  • Six plays didn’t make the cut: Henry IV, part 2 and Henry VI, parts 1 and 2 were disqualified for having parts with the same name already in the tournament, while Henry VIII, Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen were axed on account of excessive collaboration.

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