Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre: Remains Found

the-curtain-theatreRomeo and Juliet and Henry V were first performed in the late 16th century at Shakespeare’s ‘The Curtain’ theatre, an Elizabethan theatre in Shoreditch. After disappearing from historical records in 1622 archaeologists discovered the remains of the Curtain theatre behind a pub in Shoreditch in 2012! There are now plans afoot to restore it to it’s original glory.

The Globe, a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe is all very well, and it’s exciting to attend a performance there, but just imagine sitting in the place where the audience sat, watching Romeo and Juliet on a stage constructed in the place where it was actually performed. The theatre is ‘this wooden O’ referred to in the prologue to Henry V.  Perhaps this is where Shakespeare’s ghost is to be found!

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