What’s In A Name? “Shakespere” & Top Shop

What’s in a name? Shakespeare by any other name would surely smell as sweet!

The big Shakespeare news in the UK yesterday was red faces all round at leading high street retailer Top Shop, when they realised they’d spelled Shakespeare’s name incorrectly on a t-shirt. The women’s fashion item went on sale online and at stores across the UK printed with the misspelling ‘Shakespere’. Apparently on being told of the error a company spokeswoman gave the quote “Oh my god!”

However, anyone who’s read this article on how Shakespeare’s name was spelled will appreciate that the spelling in Shakespeare’s day was flexible…and was even spelled the same way as TopShop’s “incorrect” effort. So, maybe they’re not so stupid after all!

Here’s the offending article:

topshop & shakespeare

TopShop’s “Shakespere” T Shirt

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