Full festive marks to the American Shakespeare Centre for their inspirational “12 Days of Christmas” with a Shakespeare twist!

They ran a poll over a few weeks to get lyrics ideas for each day from their facebook fans, then picked the best to put to a rousing performance. Click play and check it out:

If you’re struggling to understand any of the lyrics here they are for you to read:

  • Cassidy Cash says:

    These lyrics are not what they are saying. Here’s what they are saying:
    12 Clowns Amusing
    11 Touring Actors
    10 Beats a Meter (you know, Iambic Pentameter)
    9 Fairies Dancing
    8 Suitors Wooing
    7 Causes Quarreling (I think, not sure)
    6 Henries Reigning
    5 Scheming Queens
    4 something swords
    3 Dauphines
    2 Noble Kinsmen
    a love is deep the more I give to thee (R&J II.2) “My love as deep; the more I give to thee,”

    You’re right it’s hard to understand, but your translation is not what they are saying. They are making very smart and intelligent Shakespeare puns. I hope this helps clear it up.

  • Cassidy Cash says:

    P.s. your list is just as fun and I like it, but it doesn’t match the video.