New Documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon

We just came across this high-quality documentary on Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon, made by UK  film production company Alpha Star Productions. The documentary is a walk  through Shakespeare’s life in Stratford – from the house in which he he was born to the church in which he was buried – and explores the life he lived in the English market town. The video also explores how the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is developing Shakespeare’s legacy.

A DVD version of the full documentary is on sale online or at the Shakespeare Birthplace shop (in Stratford Upon Avon)…but you can have a sneak preview here:




Stratford upon Avon documentary

Yet Another Social Media No Sweat Shakespeare Site!

That’s right folks, along with our Facebook page and twitter presence, No Sweat Shakespeare has now launched a Google+ page!

It’s early days – and we’re really only just figuring out how it all works – but we’ve kicked things off with a few postings, including a rather nice collection of original drawings and etching of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. So, add us to your Google+ “circles” or +1 us to stay up to date with the latest Shakespeare info on Google+…or at least let us know what you think of Google’s new social network.

NSS Google+

NoSweatShakespeare's Google+ Page


Shakespeare’s Characters Let Loose on Craigslist

Craigslist vs Willslist

Caroline Biocks & Michelle Ephraim have really outdone themselves with the latest installment of McSweeny’s daily humour website – a Shakespearean parody of Craigslist. Specifically, what would Shakespeare’s characters sell, rent , buy or give away?

There are some real classics on here that work on every level (in fact there are some that are way over our heads). Guess the plays from “Willslist”: Sample:

My Kingdom for a Horse

Call 1-800-HUMPBACK or email”


Spectacular Island Getaway!

Go native! Miles and miles of beaches and new adventures to enjoy in this under-the-radar paradise. Comes with personal slave. If interested, put message in a bottle “TO: PROSPERO.” Or get in a ship and start sailing. I’ll get you here.”


In-law apartment—AVAILABLE NOW

Windowless apartment/dungeon just vacated by ungrateful relative. NO servants or pets allowed. And you can’t use my kitchen. Last tenant was evicted for breaking rules, so don’t push it. Contact Goneril at”


Castle fit for a King 

Doting dad is downsizing! Off to spend my sunset years splitting time between two loving daughters. This castle has it all: updated banquet hall, master bedroom with gold chamber pot—the works. No references needed. Just tell me how much you love it and it’s yours!”


Junior Girl’s Dress, size small. Looks heavy but isn’t… trust me

LOTS of beads on this Pink Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock dress. Still too lightweight for what I need. Some water stains. $60 or whatever you want to pay. I really don’t care.


Sheer genius from McSweenys!

Read the full post and prepare to chuckle and scratch your head in puzzlement in equal measure…Do you have any Shakespearean listings of your own?

Shakespeare – The Smutty Translations

When I was at school, a long long time ago, an all boys’ school, we had a lot of fun in English by nudging each other and giggling behind our books whenever a word or phrase appeared that suggested anything sexual at all.


Things like ‘He tossed and turned all night’ and ‘the soldiers were shooting all over the place’ caused a lot of hilarity. When I was fourteen we had a brilliant English teacher, Mr Pearson, who introduced us to the idea that Shakespeare was decidedly smutty: within his language was a wealth of double entendres. Something that has always stayed with me is one of Hamlet’s observations on life: ‘There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.’ Mr Pearson joined in our nudge-nudge game by suggesting that he was referring to circumcision.


This piece on “What Shakespeare really met” carries on that tradition with some super-smutty Shakespeare translations including masturbation, lap dancers and sister-loving!

Take Part in the BBC Shakespeare Contest!

OK Shakespeare fans, here’s the latest Shakespeare news, hot off the press:  The BBC are running a Shakespeare competition with some fantastic Shakespeare-related prizes.

From the BBC: “Schools across the UK are invited to take part in Off By Heart Shakespeare, an exciting new recital contest from the BBC, for students aged 13-15.

All students nominated by their school to attend a regional heat will perform a famous speech they have learnt from some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. They will also get a fantastic opportunity to join a ‘behind the scenes’ acting workshop where they will experience Shakespearean language like never before. They will learn how to breathe it, feel it, vocalise it and finally make it their own.

The eight finalists will battle it out on stage in a bid to be crowned Schools Shakespeare Champion in a televised final.

Don’t miss out – there are still some places available at the regional heats. UK Schools can nominate students now by visiting



The BBC challenged ten celebrities to perform a speech from the set list.  Go to the website to see comedienne Katy Brand play Titania, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as a feisty glamour queen and Larry Lamb playing Jaques, from As You Like It, in an east-end café. There are lots more interpretations and classroom resources all available on

So there you are. Enter the competition and let us know how you get on.