See below for a full list of all of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost characters:

FERDINAND, King of Navarre

The PRINCESS of France

BEROWNE, LONGAVILLE, DUMAINE, Lords, attending on the King

BOYET, MARCADE, Lords, attending on the Princess of France

ROSALINE, MARIA, KATHARINE, Ladies, attending on the Princess

DON ADRIANO DE ARMADO, a fantastical Spaniard


HOLOFERNES, a Schoolmaster

DULL, a Constable

COSTARD, a Clown

MOTH, Page to Armado

A Forester

JAQUENETTA, a country Wench

Officers and Others, Attendants on the King and Princess

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Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost characters on stage

Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost characters on stage

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