See below for a full list of all the characters in Sir Thomas More:

Thomas More

William Roper, More’s son-in-law

Margaret, Roper’s wife and More’s daughter

Margaret’s sister

Lady Alice More, More’s second wife

Catesby, More’s household steward

Gough, More’s secretary

Servants to More: Ned Butler, Robin Brewer, Giles Porter, Ralph horse-keeper

Earl of Shrewsbury

Earl of Surrey

Williamson, carpenter

Dol, wife of Williamson

George Betts, a citizen

Clown Betts (Ralph), George Betts’ brother

Sherwin, a goldsmith

Francis de Barde


Lord Mayor of London

Justice Suresby, a magistrate



Recorder, a court clerk

Sir Thomas Palmer, soldier and friend to King Henry VIII

Sir Roger Chomley

Sir John Munday, an alderman

Downes, a Sergeant-at-Arms to the King

Apprentices: Harry, Robin, Kit

Croftes, a messenger

Randall, Servant to More

Morris, secretary to the Bishop of Winchester

Jack Falconer, servant to Morris


The Lord Cardinal’s Players

Dr. Fisher, Bishop of Rochester

Lieutenant of the Tower of London

Gentleman Porter of the Tower

Three Warders of the Tower


A poor woman, client of More

Two Sheriffs


Clerk of the Council

Officers, justices, rioters, citizens, City Guard, attendants, serving-men, aldermen, ladies, Lords of the Council

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