Shakespeare’s Coriolanus play is set mainly in Rome. Some of the scenes are set in the Volscian cities of Corioli and Antium. Read more on Coriolanus settings.

Date written: 1605 – 1608

Genre classificationCoriolanus is a Roman Play

Main characters in CoriolanusCaius Marcius, afterwards Caius Marcius Coriolanus

Volumnia, Mother to Coriolanus

Virgilia, Wife to Coriolanus

Valeria, Friend to Virgilia

Coriolanus themes: Pride and its consequences – ruin, lack of judgement – is the main theme of the Coriolnaus play. Envy is another theme. Class conflict is explored in the play.

Shakespeare's Coriolanus play on screen

Shakespeare’s Coriolanus play on screen with Gerard Butler as Tullus Afidius and John Kani as General Cominius

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