The action in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 1 play takes place between 1422 and 1445 as King Henry VI grows from childhood to young adulthood. The play is set in London, Orleans, Auverne, Rouen, Paris, Gascony, Anjou and Angiers. Read more about Henry VI Part I settings.

Date written: 1591

Genre classificationHenry VI, Part 1 is a History Play.

Main characters in Henry VI Part 1:

King Henry The Sixth

Margaret, Daughter to Reignier; afterward married to King Henry

Duke Of Gloucester, Uncle to the King, and Protector

Duke Of Bedford, Uncle to the King, Regent of France

Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, Great-uncle to the King

Henry Beaufort, Great-uncle to the King; Bishop of Winchester, and afterward Cardinal

John Beaufort, Earl, afterward Duke, of Somerset

Richard Plantagenet, Son of Richard, late Earl of Cambridge; afterward Duke of York

See a full list of characters in Henry VI Part 1

Henry VI Part 1 themes: Political infighting is largely what this play is about. It is also about heroism, shown by the actions of Talbot and his son. Throughout the play, Shakespeare demonstrates the great qualities of women, particularly in the treatment of Joan of Arc.

Henry VI Part 1 play on stage at the Globe Theatre

Henry VI Part 1 play on stage at the Globe Theatre

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