Want to know where Love’s Labours Lost is set? Shakespeare set Love’s Labours Lost outside, in a park outside the royal court of Navarre – current day Basque-country in north-eastern Spain. It takes place in Shakespeare’s own time, and therefore provides maximum opportunity for the audience to identify with it. As usual in these outside plays, it is full of fun and love. It’s warm. The ladies who have been denied entrance to the court camp out in the park. The moon and the stars are brightly visible at night and the sky is blue by day. Men hide in trees, and it’s all romance.

The map below shows all the locations Shakespeare used for Love’s Labours Lost, and below the map is a text list of the locations. When you click a pin on the map it opens to show all of the settings used within the location, using Shakespeare actual wording. You can zoom in on the map for a more detailed view of an area, click the icons on the map for more information, or use the list of all map pins below the Love’s Labours Lost settings map:

  • Love's Labours Lost Setting 1 Mark Wheeler says:

    The play is set in Navarre Southern France. Probably Pau, the birthplace of Henry of Navarre who was king of France at the time Shakespeare wrote the play. Spanish Navarre was incorporated into Catille 80 years earlier.