The Bards’ plays have been adapted to the big screen by numerous directors over the years, creating a whole ‘Shakespeare movie’ genre. Here we take a look at some of the classic Shakespeare movie adaptations – from Keneth Branagh’s Henry V to Roman Polanski’s classic Macbeth. Shakespeare movie adaptations are big business – at last count, over than 420 feature-length movie versions of Shakespeare’s plays have been filmed. This makes Shakespeare the most filmed author ever – in any language!


Best Shakespeare Movies:

Romeo & Juliet Movies

The star crossed loverson the silver screen. See reviews of Zefirrelis’ and Luhrmans’
Romeo & Juliet movies >>

Macbeth Movies

Research the best Macbeth movies – Polanskis’ and Nunn’s classic
Macbeth movies >>

Movies About Shakespeare

Including ‘Shakespeare in Love’and ‘Shakespeare the Movie’

For more info and insight on Shakespeare films, check out – a website devoted to reviews of Shakespeare on film.