No Sweat Shakespeare for parents: Parents often help their children with their homework and school assignments. It can be quite difficult at times and parents may then have to consult a reference. If a thirteen year old says something like ‘I just can’t make head or tail of this speech in Romeo and Juliet’ her mother will look at the speech and perhaps she will make head or tail of it. But sometimes she won’t. Our site will help her. Not only can she get the speech, with a modern English translation, but she can also get the whole play, translated into modern English in the relevant ebook. The books are written as novels in the way that novels for children and adolescents are written. The book is far more friendly than translations with the text on one side of the page and the translation on the other because the child can read it right through and get a feeling for the story, the characters, the language and the ideas, just like reading a novel.

Care has been taken to ensure that every line of the original is transformed into the kind of English that young people can relate to. Archaisms are carefully replaced with close modern equivalents; Shakespeare’s wordplay is mirrored by a modern form of wordplay, retaining the humour and the freshness, and obscure references are teased out to inform students of their meanings, while not interrupting the flow. The result is a text that is, in fact, a line-by-line parallel but with a freedom that allows our writer to create an absolutely contemporary text while using ninety percent of Shakespeare’s words. Our writer is a teacher with more than thirty years’ experience and a distinguished record of teacher and student education in Shakespeare work. He is also an established fiction writer. Our texts are the result of these two strands of his experience. Take a look at some samples of Shakespeare’s plays translated to see how they work.

The assignment may be to do with Shakespeare’s life, or a survey of the plots of his plays, or something to do with the characters. Or it may be that the child is working on a sonnet. All of these things are available on this site. Parents can also see which films have been made of the plays, operas, books based on them, and so on.

If you are a parent who likes to spend time working with your children on their Shakespeare work then is the site for you.


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