The Tempest soliloquies below are extracts from the full modern Tempest ebook, along with a modern English translation. Reading through the original Tempest soliloquy followed by a modern version and should help you to understand what each Tempest soliloquy is about:

All the infections that the sun sucks up (Spoken by Caliban, Act 2 Scene 2)

I boarded the King’s ship (spoken by Ariel, Act 1, Scene 2)

I must eat my dinner (spoken by Caliban, Act 1, Scene 2)

Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves (spoken by Prospero, Act 5, Scene 1)

You are three men of sin (Spoken by Ariel, Act 3 Scene 3)

More Tempest soliloquies coming soon!

Michael Blake as Caliban in The Tempest play

Michael Blake as Caliban in The Tempest play

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