Did you ever wonder what it was like to live in Shakespeare’s era? What his home town Stratford-Upon-Avon would have been like in the late 17th century, or what England’s capital city, London, was like then?

Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616 – the early  modern period in between the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution. Looking through a British lens, Shakespeare’s lifetime spenned most of the Elizabethan era (1558-1603) and the start of the Jacobean era (1603-1625).

London was gaining importance as a trading city, and was beginning its rapid growth to become one of the first metropolis in Europe.

In this section of the website we place Shakespeare in his historical era, examine how his language evovled into the modern English we all speak and read today, and drill into his contemporaries writing plays for and acting in the London theatre scene.

21 Facts About Shakespeare’s London
Shakespeare’s Historic Stratford Upon Avon
Elizabethan Drama & Theatre
Jacobean Drama & Theatre
Old English & Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s Development Of Early Modern English
Shakespeare Contemporaries: An Overview

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