Test your Shakespearean knowledge by taking one (or all!) of our 7 Shakespeare quizzes below, and prove thou art a true Bardologist!

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General Shakespeare Quizzes

The Ultimate Shakespeare Quiz

20 questions to test your all-round Shakespeare knowledge

How well do you know Shakespeare?

Test yourself on Shakespeare’s intimate details

Shakespeare’s most gruesome deaths

Can you match the grisly death with the Shakespeare character who meets that fate?

Shakespeare play locations

How’s your Shakespeare geography?

Shakespeare Quotes Quizzes

Which play doth each line belong to?

Think you know which lines come from which plays? Then prove it!

The great Shakespeare quote quiz

10 questions to prove your knowledge of Shakespeare quotes

Shakespeare personality tests

What’s your Shakespeare death?

There are so many grisly endings to Shakespeare’s characters – how would Shakespeare write you out of a play?

Had enough of Shakespeare for the time being? Why not take a break and try one of these fun kids riddles from our friends at KaterineOsman.com!

13 replies
  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    I’ve turned off the ad blocker hoping that would bring up the quiz, but it hasn’t. Any tips. I get lots of commercials, but the quiz won’t come on.

    • CLAC
      CLAC says:

      I got this one right–it was a lucky guess. However I remembered that there were several in Julius Caesar alone (all that “hold my sword while I run on it”) Then you have Romeo and Juliet. Weren’t there several in Anthony and Cleopatra?

  2. shakespeare_is_awesome
    shakespeare_is_awesome says:


    Not bad… I haven’t read/watched too many of his plays, but I definitely read Macbeth. I got that cauldron question right. Also, I had no idea about Cardenio. I just clicked that one because I’ve never heard of it before.


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