Art thou a true Bardologist? Test your Shakespearean knowledge by taking the ultimate Shakespeare quiz below – 20 questions to test how well you really know the Bard. Once completed you can check your Shakespeare quiz score against all other entrants and share your results.

  • Shakespeare Quiz 1 A Harrison says:

    Where’s the quiz then?

  • Shakespeare Quiz 3 Susan says:

    I’m also struggling to find the quiz. I can’t see it by fact 10 either. Am I missing something?

  • Shakespeare Quiz 3 Susan says:

    I’ve turned off the ad blocker hoping that would bring up the quiz, but it hasn’t. Any tips. I get lots of commercials, but the quiz won’t come on.

    • Shakespeare Quiz 5 Ed says:

      Hi Susan, the quiz is working fine for me. Could you try using the chrome browser?

  • Shakespeare Quiz 6 ADAM says:


  • Shakespeare Quiz 7 meg says:

    I love shakespeare

  • Shakespeare Quiz 9 maia says:

    okay that is a lot of suicide