It’s generally agreed that Shakespeare wrote 37 plays between 1590 and 1612. In addition to these 37 plays there is one ‘lost’ play – Cardenio – plus a selection of plays that it’s belived Shakespeare collaborated on, such as Love’s Labour’s Won, Edward III, Sir Thomas More and The Two Noble Kinsmen.

The First Folio was the first publication of a collection of Shakespeare’s works, put together seven years after his death, and contained 36 plays set out in the three categories of ComediesHistories and Tragedies, a categorisation that still dogs the practice of Shakespeare criticism, education and performance today.

This alphabetical list of Shakespeare plays below link to a range of resources about each play: plot summaries, character information, settingsexample essays, famous quotes, soliloquiesmonologues and much more.

Shakespeare Plays in Alphabetical Order

That’s all of Shakespeare’s plays… we think. Some people believe Shakespeare wrote many more plays, but we’ll stick to the above play list until more concrete evidence emerges.

First Folio inside pages, containing 36 Shakespeare plays

First Folio inside pages, containing 36 Shakespeare plays

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