Shakespeare set his plays in dozens of locations across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with some settings cropping up multiple times, and again, and others used only once.

The interactive map below shows all of the locations that Shakespeare used in his plays. You can zoom in on the map for a more detailed view of an area, and click the icon to see which of Shakespeare’s plays have one of more scenes in that location. Below the map is a list of each of Shakespeare’s plays with links through to a page detailing the locations of all scenes in that play.

Read more detailed information on the setting of each play by clicking the relevant link below:

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Shakespeare's Play Settings 1

Ten of Shakespeare’s plays have some of their action in the Bard’s second home of London – interestingly, these plays are all classified as Shakespeare’s ‘history plays’:


Shakespeare's Play Settings 2

The bustling and exotic trading port of medieval Venice was used as a backdrop for two of Shakespeare’s most well known plays:


Shakespeare's Play Settings 3

One of the closest great foreign cities to London in Shakespeare’s era was Paris, so it’s no suprise that the city features in three of Shakespeare’s plays:

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