We’re not one to blow our own trumpet, but we thought you might want to see some of the testimonials for our modern Shakespeare ebooks we’ve had over the years – from students, teachers and parents alike:

” I wish there would have been something like this for me when I was studying Shakespeare!” 

Lucas Aronowitz

“Your ebook was a godsend because it was distinct, easily accessible and very child friendly. The resource I obtained from you has been used again and again”

M Browning

“The book is authentic, in that it’s very close to Shakespeare’s original plot. It also has the WHOLE story there, and doesn’t miss parts out. It explores the characters well, for example when it describes Romeo’s mood. It’s a fair length, and it has a beginning, middle, and end, plus lots of detail all in there. I rate it 5 stars.” 

Jonathan Howard

” I needed a version of the play that was not a “watered down” text that my students could understand and get the meaning from so that they could relate to the themes of the play without getting lost in the language. This version has been instrumental in my students’ understanding and I am so glad I found your website.”

Steven Shelton

“I am a student in a World Lit class in college. I read the Tempest by Shakespeare. Actually I read it a couple of times. I’m not used to that style of language and grammar. Just to be sure I had all the details, I downloaded The Tempest from you. It helped clear a couple things up for me and added some minor details that really helped when it came test time.” 

Kevin Thorpe

“I was never too keen on reading Shakespeare, as it is written in very old English and I found it difficult to understand. This book has changed my mind entirely, and made me want to read the other books and try out proper Shakespeare.”

Aaron Jordan

“I was overwhelmingly pleased with the plain English text for Julius Caesar. My 10th grade students found reading the play much more interesting and understandable after they got the gist of the language through the “No Sweat” publication. We began the play with the plain language and gradually shifted to the Shakespearian version, and back and forth, when we found difficult to understand passages. It alleviated the stress 15-year-old students of Shakespeare encounter when faced with the task of Julius Caesar. Your version was exactly what I was looking for to help them out.”

Lillian Druzak

“After failing miserably to understand Shakespeare myself I was aghast to be asked for help by my daughter for her exams. The service you offer is absolutely fantastic and allowed her to be able to understand the play in modern day language, which made reading and following the original much easier. It is with no undertatement the reason she did so well in her English exams. Probably the best money I have ever spent on her education and I have already recommended it to friends!” 

Christine Daly


Patrick Kreischer

“I have used No Sweat Shakespeare ‘s versions of both Hamlet and Macbeth with my 11th and 12th grade students. I can honestly say that your texts allowed my students to fully engage in Shakespeare’s text and, most importantly, to enjoy them. They found the story format much easier to read than the original script format.”

Lisa Melody

“All the students said they found having your copy to read after looking at the original text greatly increased their understanding and enjoyment of the plays. Many said they hated studying Shakespeare in previous years because it was like reading another language; they just didn’t ‘get it’. However, being able to have the two versions side by side was like having a Shakespeare Rosetta Stone. They were even able to get the jokes!”

Howard Fenwick

“My students patted themselves on the pack for having a deeper understanding of the material than their friends in other classes. Clearly, using your texts was a “win-win” situation for both teacher and students! Thank you for making a master story teller accessible to all students.” 

Jose Pavio